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Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. has arranged an exclusive National Insurance program for Sport Coaches across Canada. Holman has established itself as an industry innovator by developing specialty insurance packages designed to meet the needs of their clients.


This coverage is necessary for paid coaches, unpaid coaches, independent coaches, team leaders, mentors and training instructors that may not be insured whist working/volunteering with teams or sanctioned bodies that normally would provide insurance protection to them and whilst working on their own ventures. This policy will also provide additional protection in the event their team or sanctioned body does not have insurance or in some cases not enough insurance.


All levels of licensed, registered coaches, team leaders, mentors training instructors and fitness coaches are considered. .


Our coach policy includes both Comprehensive General Liability and Professional Liability to ensure you are covered as a coach at any level of the sport from Amateur to Professional including coaching of multiple sports:


 Comprehensive General Liability


$2,000,000 Bodily Injury and Property Damage

-  $2,000,000 personal and advertising injury 

-  $2,000,000 Tenants Legal Liability 

-  $1,000,000 Errors and Omissions 

-  $2,000,000 Non-owned Automobile Liability

The policy is subject to a $500 Deductible

Premiums is starting at $150 Annually    


Optional Accident coverage available up to a limit of $50,000 for $25 annually.

 Optional separate Property Insurance is available starting at $350 annually


Why do we include Professional Liability insurance?

Coaching is not a regulated profession in most parts of the world or Canada so many coaches assume they do not need professional liability insurance. That is not necessarily true.  Coaches are even more important than ever today as Athletes consider there coaches to be professional and rely on their expertise.

Coverage is inexpensive and while you may never have to utilize it, you can rest a bit easier as you build your practice and sharpen your professional skills.


This summary does not in and of itself provide coverage and it is subject to the terms and conditions which are set forth in the policy. It is intended only to provide basic details of coverage that are fully described in the actual Policy issued. In the event of any inconsistency, the actual policy will prevail. Questions about the Policy can be directed to Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd.